Whether you’re finding it hard to find your niche in a jam-packed market; continually striving to get your clients to take you seriously and pay what you’re worth or you only want a website that you can be proud of, you need a brand identity that’s more than smart.

Creating an engaging brand identity means establishing an emotional connection between your customer, your business and you. Communicating the essence of what you do with every design element and marketing decision. Telling your story to capture the heart of your audience and not only their mind.

Step #1

Get focussed

Take time to identify what makes your business unique and stand out from your competitors in the market. What are the values that overlap between you and your business? Do a value determining exercise and choose only 3 words that best describe your unique story.

Step #2

Let possibilities inspire you

Create a mood board by using Pinterest, magazine clippings and inspirational quotes you have collected while doing research. Ask yourself questions about why you choose certain images, colours, etc. and try and recognise a pattern.

Step #3

Create a clear creative strategy

Combine all your prep work into one single cohesive vision board and place it where you will see it daily. Use this as guidance for creating the rest of your marketing materials. Whether you are planning to outsource your creative design work or plan to do it yourself, this will be a sounding board to see if you are still on track and in line with your brand identity.