Web Design

I help SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS gain more visibility by designing a clean and simple website.


Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultant in Gordon’s Bay, Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch & Cape Town, South Africa.

Web Design

Websites that are clean and simple. We use the information from our strategy session to create the right visual imagery. Your website should reflect you and your business.

  • Responsive WordPress Sites
  • Visual Strategy
  • Content Creation

Brand Identity

Creating an engaging brand identity means establishing an emotional connection between your customer, your business and you.

  • Finding your WHY
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Core Values
  • Core Marketing Statement

Social Media Marketing

I help you tell a story through relevant brand colours and images and assist you in creating a monthly schedule. We’ll use a social media marketing calendar to ensure regular posts which in turn creates visibility.

  • Strategy
  • Graphics
  • Schedules
  • Content Creation


Profile photos, products and any brand images you may need. Ensuring the images used on your website and social media platforms are an accurate representation of you and your business.

  • Headshots
  • Product photography
  • Brand photography

Graphic Design

Logos, branding, and social media graphics

  • Logo Design
  • Business Stationery
  • Social Media Images

CV Writing

Professional CV writing. Go to my official CV website EvolveSelf to learn more.

about me

Hi! I’m Anneri Victor.

I have 12 years of experience in website and graphic design – which I kick-started with a Diploma in Graphic Design. I gained loads of experience in advertising agencies, printing companies, and through freelancing.

In 2012, I pursued an academic dream with studies towards an Industrial Psychology degree.

On its completion in 2017, I found a unique way to incorporate this knowledge into my creative career.

I am always looking for ways to further my knowledge in both psychology and design to assist companies, big and small, to grow their list of clients.

Latest Work

Web design, logo design, packaging and label design.

From Our Clients

Anneri is a hard worker and always completes her work on time and effectively. She is a person I can trust and depend on, especially when the pressure of tight deadlines is ever looming. Besides her strong work ethic, she is a very compassionate person and understands the needs of her clients. She is definitely a team player. She never let my team or me down, and always went the extra mile.

Top attributes: Analytical, Attention to detail, Honest, Ethical, Disciplined


Freelance Designer

Digital Marketing & Web Design in Gordon’s Bay, Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch & Cape Town, South Africa.